S.B.S Guyana 2001 Skeldon 55,7%

S.B.S Guyana 2001 Skeldon 55,7%

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S.B.S stands for 'Single Barrel Selection'. This Guyana rum was distilled at the Diamond Distillery in 2001 and bears the Skeldon 'SWR' brand. The molasses-based rum has undergone a long maturation and was recently bottled in June 2021.

Nose: Aromas of milk chocolate, nougat, cinnamon and candied fruits.

Taste: Full flavors of cloves, ginger, milk chocolate, fudge and caramel. The subtle woody notes are perfectly integrated into the taste.

Overall: Woody and spicy.

ABV: 55,7%


Additional info:

This SWR marque is the Skeldon type rum produced by Demerara Distillers. The Skeldon plantation closed in 1960 and unlike some of the other distilleries being shuttered around this time, its stills did not survive. The production of the style associated with the distillery did however, at Uitvlugt. The distillery's four-column Savalle still is incredibly versatile, today producing nine different marques, of which the Skeldon "SWR" continues to be one.

The still was moved to Diamond in 2000, and this rum was distilled on it the following year and bottled in Europe.