Nikka from the barrel

Nikka from the barrel

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Rich & Fruity

Honey and smoke are first to catch your attention with the focus turning to malt and summer ripe peaches.

The peat smoke is constant. The richness of the whisky isn't cloying and as you finish the sip, you will notice a dry, spice-filled conclusion

Ex-bourbon barrels and puncheons*, ex-sherry butts**, refilled, re-charred, and

remade hogsheads***

Blended - 51,4% - 50cl


* A large cask of varying capacity, but usually 80 gallons (304 liters)

** Nearing 500 liters, this container containing sherry (sherry) strongly colors

the whiskey and imbues it with its gourmet flavors (nuts, chocolate, dried

fruits, roasting). The barrels that have contained oloroso sherry are the most

sought after by the distilleries.

*** With a capacity of 250 liters, it is a reconstituted drum from the staves of a

bourbon cask and 25% new oak. Its effect on whiskey is close to that of

bourbon barrel drier. It colors the whiskey moderately.