La Venenosa Raicilla Sierra Volcanes de Jalisco

La Venenosa Raicilla Sierra Volcanes de Jalisco

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This Raicilla is produced in a valley that is just next to an active  (Volcano of Calima).
This privileged location brings a very particular profile to the Agaves that grow in the area, rich in minerality and notes of herbs.
This is a micro-batch production, little more than 2,000 Liters a year. This Mezcal from Jalisco is soft and sweet on the palate, with fruity earthiness and floral touches.

  • Producer Arturo Campos 
  • San Juan Espanatica Tuxpan, Jalisco México
  • Cenizo Gigante Agave
  • Conical earth oven roast with black oak
  • Stone pool fermentation with wild natural yeast
  • Distilled two times in small claypot still

ABV 43,6%