Koval Barreled Gin

Koval Barreled Gin

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The Barreled Gin is a recent (Spring 2016) addition to Koval’s wide breadth of products. They are a grain-to-glass operation that likes to experiment and push boundaries.

They age their traditional dry gin for six months in barrels that previously held Koval’s whiskey.

Here we have a werewolf, and like most werewolves,

it’s conflicted. It wants to stay a gin but it’s slowly becoming a whiskey.

The nose displays coriander, juniper, and rose-hip tea at first but these aromatics are quickly swallowed up by honey and caramel.

It is a similar story on the palate. Bitter juniper and quinine quickly shift into vanilla, malt, and marshmallows.

The transformation is nearly complete with a long finish full of wood spices. Enjoy neat or with a cube of ice.

47% - 50cl

Illinois, USA