Kijoshu Hanahato 8 years

Kijoshu Hanahato 8 years

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Enoki was founded in 1899 and is located on a small island just off the coast of Hiroshima. It was this brewery that perfected the technique used to produce 'Kijoshu'.

During the sake brewing process, water is added to the fermenting mass. If a brewer wants to make Kijoshu, he does not add water but sake during this step. As a consequence, not all of the sugar present in the fermentation is converted to alcohol, and you end up with sweet sake.

There are currently about thirty breweries in Japan who manage to produce high quality Kijoshu and of course Enoki finds itself among them. Enoki is not content with brewing just Kijoshu, and they strive for more complexity by ageing the produced sake for eight years.

This version is a consistent hit, awarded with a medal year after year in the International Wine Challenge, rewarding an ambitious and unique sake.

Category: Junmai Kijoshu

Rice: Nakateshinsenbon

Polishing degree: 55%

Description: It is a rich, complex and sweet Sake. Honey, dried fruit, dried mushrooms, even a hint of fermented garlic, it should be clear from the aromas that this is not your everyday sake! There is tension on the palate that counters the umami intensity, creating an elegant and balanced sake. 

ABV 16%