Hyakujuro Junmai

Hyakujuro Junmai

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A sake with a discreet but deep nose. Straight and precise, powerful in the mouth with a nice umami touch. A textbook example of the dry 'Karakuchi' style and a sake that goes well with strong flavors.

Type: Junmai

Rice: Gohyakumangoku

Polishing degree: 70%

ABV 15%


Hayashi Honten is a relatively young brewery, founded in 1920.

Currently, brewing is managed by the fifth generation, Rieko Hayashi. Hayashi Honten is located in Gifu Prefecture, near the Japanese Alps.

The proximity of the mountains immediately explains the success of the brewery: the water used here comes from the Nagara River, one of the three most beautiful and clearest streams in all of Japan.

Hyakujuro refers to a famous Kabuki actor who, in the early Showa period, had hundreds of cherry trees planted in Kakamigahara, the town where Hayashi Honten is located.

Every year, these trees attract a large audience who enjoy the first spring sun under the cherry blossom. It is the brewery's wish that their sake has the same effect: bringing people together and giving pleasure.