Habitation Velier Privateer

Habitation Velier Privateer

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Habitation Velier is a project featuring exclusive bottlings made through partnerships with some of the best rum producers in the world. The range is focused on 100% pot still rums, without any sugar additives and bottled at high or full proof.

Privateer is one of the newest additions to their range and the first American rum to be featured in the Habitation Velier collection. The distillery was founded by Andrew Cabot, descendant of a merchant, rum distiller and American privateer during the American Revolution.

This rum is produced with Grade A molasses from Guatemala. The fermentation lasts 6 days and is achieved in two stages. The first fermentation is carried out using a blend of 3 yeasts, followed by 3 days of secondary fermentation using wild yeast. The must obtained is distilled twice. First distillation is conducted through a Vendome pot still, the second one in a Carl pot still. The rum thus produced is then left to rest in a stainless-steel tank before being bottled at 62% ABV.

Profile: Focused, clean, modern and balanced.

Nose: Williams pear, green banana, malted milk and amaretto cookie.

Palate: Striking silky texture with a floral and fruity vanilla-tone.

Finish: Lasting flavors of warm spiced fruitcake with crisp apples and juicy pears.

ABV 62%