Habitation Velier Mhoba 2017

Habitation Velier Mhoba 2017

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Habitation Velier is a project featuring exclusive bottlings made through partnerships with some of the best rum producers in the world. The range is focused on 100% pot still rums, entirely aged in the tropics without any sugar additives and bottled at high or full proof. Following our didactic purpose, we indicate congeners rate on the label. By congeners we designate the whole aromatic compounds in spirits, including esters as one family of compounds.

Mhoba 2017 is the result of a partnership between Luca Gargano, president of Velier and Robert Greaves, the founder of Mhoba. From the beginning of the Mhoba project, they shared a common vision. Mhoba rums are produced from the Nkomazi variety of sugar cane grown on the farm adjacent to the distillery. The sugar cane is cut by hand and pressed by an in-house developed mill. The cane juice is fermented in part by a local baking yeast as well as wild yeasts. The distillation is conducted with a pot still designed by Robert Greaves. The particularity of this still is to favor a maximum reflux in order to develop heavy and particularly aromatic rums.

Mhoba 2017 aged 4 years in ex-bourbon casks at the distillery, in South Africa with a share of angels above 22%. Bottled, without reduction, at 64.6%, it has a congeners content of 571.3 gr/HLPA including 246.1 gr/HLPA of esters.

Profile: Rich and flavourful.

Nose: Sweet and spicy. Vanilla, cloves, black pepper, smoky notes.

Palate: Concentrated and warm. Coffee beans, caramel.

Finish: Long and woody. Cocoa, smoked wood

ABV 64,6%