Genièvre - Atelier Constant Berger

Genièvre - Atelier Constant Berger

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From their description:

"Our Genever is a pure extract of exciting collaborations!

First of all, Genever is a grain eau-de-vie flavored with juniper berries.
Who says grain Eau-de-vie says fermentation of cereals. And the bests for that are our friends from the Brasserie Coopérative Liégeoise!
They were entrusted with the brewing of ultra-local and organic cereals.

They provide us with a beer that is distilled twice in our stills to obtain a malt wine. We then make our aroma of organic juniper berries.

They are macerated in alcohol and the macerate is distilled.
The malt wine, neutral alcohol, and the aroma of juniper berry are now ready to be assembled according to the recipe developed by Léandre!

At the tasting, we can smell the cereal, we taste very rounded alcohol and we perceive the freshness of the juniper berry!"