Garnish Tongs 25cm Silver

Garnish Tongs 25cm Silver

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10-inch precision tweezers for cocktail garnish placement and chefs' plate dressing.

Take your serves to the next level with the precision Cocktail Garnish Tongs. These 10 inches garnish tweezers aid you in placing delicate garnishes on cocktails.

Grooved finger grips are on both sides of the tweezers to give grip when placing delicate items. The tips are also grooved to help you pick up any small item.

Also suited to the hospitality industry for plate dressing, these tongs are perfect for use as chefs tweezers. Whatever your use, the Cocktail Garnish Tongs help you hone your presentations.

Product Features:

  • Long tweezers for precise garnish placement
  • Grooved tips for greater grip on delicate garnishes
  • Grooved finger grip areas on both sides
  • Made from high-grade Japanese steel
  • High corrosion resistance to outlast standard barware
  • Dishwasher safe