Freimeister Amaro

Freimeister Amaro

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Amaro is a spirit that resists easy definition. The Italian word “amaro” translates literally to “bitter”, which could suggest an affinity with the German category of herbal liqueurs and bitters. However, the taste of Amari from southern Europe does not resemble that of herbal spirits on the north side of the Alps. This is because the herbs (or “drugs”, as the distiller would say) are not the same. In order to create some order in the complex world of bitters, one must first divide products according to use: Will this Amaro be enjoyed before dinner, as an aperitif? Or afterwards, as a digestif?


Citrus notes | light herbal aromas | fresh peach


Fruity | Bitter notes | Wormwood | Gentian | Cinchona bark


Delicate bitterness | Cinnamon | Citrus aromas

ABV 28%