Chartreuse Jaune

Chartreuse Jaune

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The Chartreuse Jaune is soft and sweet.

It is made with the same plants as the Chartreuse Verte, but in different proportions, it offers scents of flowers, honey and spices.

Only two Brothers know the names of the plants and know how to mix and distill them.

They are also the only ones who know which plants to use to give natural green and yellow colors.
They control the slow aging of the liquor and decide when the liquor is ready to be bottled.

Composition: alcohol, sugar, plants and flowers.
Tasting: to bring out the aromas, the Chartreuse is drunk with ice cubes.

Traditionally, it is considered a digestive, but more and more connoisseurs are also tasting it in cocktails.

43% - 70cl