BIP Benjamin Marsala

BIP Benjamin Marsala

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An enterprising British merchant, Benjamin known as “Bip” who, thanks to his exceptional entrepreneurial skills, on his arrival in Sicily in 1806, founded a true economic empire linked to the production of Marsala.

GRAPE VARIETY Grillo, Catarratto and Inzolia

TERRITORY OF ORIGIN Coastline of Marsala and Petrosino Province of Trapani

VINIFICATION AND AGEING Harvest period from mid-September, at an advanced phase of ripening. Vinifi cation at a temperature of 18°-20°C. Th e fermentation is stopped by adding brandy aged at least 5 years in oak barrels. Aging for over 48 months in 80hl and 50hl oak barrels, with at least 6 months in barrique.

TASTING NOTES Colour: golden yellow. Aroma: intense and fruity with marked notes of apricot and dates, and hints of camomile fl owers. Flavour: sweet, balanced and persistent with a pleasant sapidity.

PAIRING Ideally paired with traditional ricotta cheese or crème pâtissiere desserts. Surprises with herb-flavored cheeses. Serve at 8°-12°C.

Its freshness and slight oxidated note make it extremely versatile in mixology. In sour cocktails as a substitute of Vermouth, in a White Negroni  and in a softer Martini cocktail, Bip is able to give a surprising note to a cocktail.

ABV 18%