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The liqueur with seven botanicals.

This embodiment of flavors and sweetness is a reproduction of the very first liqueur distilled in 1946 by one of the founders of the Biercée Distillery, the pharmacist Jules Cleempoel.

Distilled from an infusion of aromatic herbs and plants in a neutral grain spirit, Biercine is similar to the first elixirs, natural medicinal preparations that were sold by pharmacies in the 18th century.

In it, you'll discover the best of nature and the know-how of the Master Distillers who've worked at Biercée since 1946.

Fennel, angelica, cumin and hyssop are just some of the plants that give Biercine its complex aromas and digestive qualities. And its splendid golden color is thanks to the infusion of saffron pistils, which enter into its composition.

Fine connoisseurs will appreciate the expression of the perfect dosage of its ingredients and the harmony of aromas it exhales.

The best way to drink it is chilled, straight from the fridge or in cocktails

35% - 70cl