Ancho Reyes Red

Ancho Reyes Red

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Established in Heroica Puebla de Zagarosa, capital of the state of Puebla, the Reyes family has been making this eponymous liqueur since 1927 from Poblanos peppers.

Harvested between August and October, the peppers are left to dry in the sun before macerating for 6 months in neutral cane alcohol.

The tasting of Ancho Reyes is a unique experience that takes the taster to the spicy territory to the extreme.

It should be noted that some fruity and floral oases manage to refresh and irrigate the mouth. The first nose is fleshy (apricot and peach nectar).

It evolves with notes of almond and heady flower (wallflower).

It extends over citrus fruits (lemon, orange).

The attack on the palate is spicy (Espelette, Cayenne, paprika) and very peppery.

In the mid-palate, exotic fruits show the tip of their nose (banana, mango, persimmon).

These fruits act as a balm and soothe the fiery fire lit by peppers.

40% - 70cl